Nov 27, 2011

My work will permanently be up on display on Neil Borom

This tattoo has just been beautifully transposed onto a close friend of mine by another old friend. I drew up the initial design and it has been reworked and tattooed by the wonderfully talented Meg white, whose work I have been a huge fan of for many many years, her information may be available upon request. I'll find out if she has a website I can redirect you to if you are looking for a great tattoo artist.

Oct 22, 2011

work is currently down from front street deli. I have brought it all home once again. I have no exhibit planned for the near future but I have little to no room for all of these paintings... so the next one will be right around the corner. I am thinking of hanging some of my "in progress" paintings with thin price tags to move. Obviously the more important ones will stay outrageously high so I can keep them longer (sneaky I know) but a bit of advice to those who are put off by a high price tag... make me an offer. What could it hurt? My personal favorites are not priced to move,(2 paintings) I don't need to sell them off quickly. I prefer showing them off to a single weeks pay. When someone tells me that the prices are too high I often wonder what they expect? Do they expect me to sell something I have worked months (in a few cases years) for a $150? it sure seems like it. I can have prints made for you at pretty much cost if you are looking for "a deal."
priced at $1800 (aka I keep this)

sold for $350 (small painting, unframed)
      Here is where I am going with this, if some one likes my work, wonderful that is inevitably my goal for making artwork. I love showing my work to people, I love the feedback, I love the support, it fuels my appetite  for the arts. If you love my work and want to hang it in your home above the mantel on the other hand, express that to me somehow, make an offer. I price high to avoid tire kickers, I have met with people and had coffee or lunch and discussed my work with them one on one. People bring a briefcase and take notes like it is some sort of business meeting and I don't get it, especially if they don't buy anything!. It's a visual art, look at it, it's beautiful, or not or invokes an emotion or idea, feeling or whatever you like. This is not my job, perhaps if it were I would be more conscientious about moving product and mass producing a feeling. But that is not my goal, my goal (for now) is to produce honest reflections of my own personal psyche for me. It's incredibly personal and I am not in it for financial gain.

Sep 19, 2011

old old self portrait, just still kinda of like it, aside from the fact that it looks like I am wearing a scarf or turtle neck

who knows. I love it though.

something I have been working on, soon I will paint the dancing goat.

Sep 15, 2011

Speaking of the greatful dead

My work is still up at front st. deli , I have mentioned it many times and still I run into people who check the site frequently that haven't heard a word about it. Front street deli in ballston spa, I have other posts about it, google them, facebook them, eat their food and on a side note, check out my work on their walls :)
just playing with oils and ink.

unfinished, I have plans for this one. 

this one looks nothing like this anymore, still thought I should post this  midway shot. 

Based on several serial dreams about mashed potatoes in a tub... I'm not kidding.

I simply love this one

my newest sketchbook (front)

sketchbook (back)

Sep 6, 2011

Work is up!

I have several paintings hung up at front street deli currently, visit them as soon as possible. You are all invited to check it out if you are near Balston Spa in the relative near future. The paintings are staying up until further notice (approx. ; the next few months) I will post immediately upon taking them down. These guys are open late, check the link for hours. Check their facebook for daily specials, and believe me the food is fantastic and inexpensive. Go!, eat!, bring someone special, bring someone just for company, who cares!  just check it out.


Jul 27, 2011

Displaying my work at the Front St. Deli.

Starting at the end of this month my work will be showing in Ballston Spa's Front Street Deli I will be debuting a few new pieces I have been working on. I will be posting pictures after I hang everything and let them acclimate for a while, and for a change all of the work displayed will be available for purchase.

     FSD has just had a very slick remodel recently and looks amazing, of course not to mention the food is exceptional,  check them out on facebook where you can get a day to day listing of the specials and scheduled events. Be sure to grab a bite to eat if you are in the area, or even make the trip out there.

Mar 9, 2011

Art exhibition at Jonesville store

It's happening very soon, THIS SUNDAY 1PM, so some brief details... The food is great, the staff is great, the place is closer than you think ( right in clifton park) That is "The Jonesville Store" in jonesville, we'll have champagne and brownies.
All are welcome, friends and family alike , come show your support for a great local business, some talented local artists and well, me. do it, come on, come on. you know you want to.

Feb 24, 2011


  Yeah... I haven't been posting quite as often as I should be, I need to keep producing work and getting it up so people can see, I'm going to do just that, just keep checking back and I'll try to get new stuff as it arrives, if you know what I mean. I am currently working on a counterpart to a slightly older set of paintings, sort of a revisit to a series.  It's going to be a part of this series, which if I were asked what the theme could possibly be... I wouldn't really be able to tell you easily, the colors involved are all very similar, also they are less abstract than a lot of my other pieces, the building in the one on the left (or object depending) was meant for the one on the far right but I liked how empty it looked. Also I came up with the idea when I was working on the road and living out of a duffle bag, which has its pros and cons like anything else... living like that makes you realize how little you really need in life, considering almost everything fits in a small bag... it's humbling... but on the other hand I still had an apartment I was paying rent on, and my car was dying a slow painful death from all the miles being put on it, I was working 80-100 hours a week (not including driving) and much of my "free" time was spent in hotels, I had a sketch book with me and I had a lot of ideas that I never turned into much else, simply because I had no time at home to paint them and many were simply forgotten about. I would like to revisit that period in my life at least in my art to remind me of a "simpler" time.. and because I never really worked it all out on canvas, I never completed it, not really anyway. Now I am home and have the time and I have grown since then, and have a better idea of what I want. I would take pictures and show you the progress but it currently looks like *expletive deleted.* Oh yeah also, I have the original sketch of the guy and the chain somewhere and I will post it as soon as I find it, it was scrawled out in a few minutes during my lunch break on a random piece of paper. The worst thing is that simple sketch nailed the idea and the tone, the gesture and atmosphere and the painting I worked so hard on ... well.. didn't.... not nearly as well anyways... I'll find it as soon as I can and post it.