Jan 31, 2011

Quick update

Work is up at the Jonesville store, even so.... they are closed on Mondays.

Jan 29, 2011

Albrecht Dürer

I wish I had these skills.

So today I drove out to Williamstown and went to the Clark institute, which if you have never been I highly recommend you go, then afterwards go down the road to the sushi Thai restaurant right on the main drag. I got to see a whole bunch of Albrecht Dürer's woodcuts and etchings. I just have to say... that I was completely blown away by his work, the detail that is involved is unreal and the intensity is just insane. There is no way for me to put into words how minute the details are, but they had a bin of magnifying glasses you could walk around with and check out stuff in his work that is too small for the eye to see and suddenly it all no longer makes sense that anyone could ever do this..it appears as though every single mark is scratched into the wood block with the head of a pin, not to mention every single line is clear, concise and intentional. The Clark is incredible anyway but seriously Albrecht Dürer is completely out there and completely worth the hour-and-change drive to get there. Oh yeah the Thai restaurant can't be matched (I thank Sam for the recommendation) and very very reasonably priced; not kidding it's like eating-breakfast-at-a-diner reasonable. Oh yeah Mass MoCA is nearby as well. Check The Clark website to get directions and all that jazz and find out who's work will be up next and how long this exhibit will be up etc...

Anyway on a sidenote I will be hanging my work tomorrow at the Jonesville store, so after tomorrow my work will be on display again. Anyone who wants to see it can drop by during regular business hours for about the next two months. There is an artist's reception coming up in March and I encourage as many people to come out as possible, I could really use the buzz to get people interested. Details on that should be right over there in the side bar, that is including directions, date and time. If anyone wants to know anything else about it feel free to contact me, send me an email to MadeinTaiwon@hotmail.com, or message me on Facebook etc..

Jan 23, 2011


Things have been going very well as I prepare for my upcoming show, I also plan of being out of the streets for first friday coming up relatively soon. I have new business cards made up which is fantastic but I haven't given any out yet. I think the coolest thing by far is that the people viewing my site aren't strictly people from this area, for example I have been getting a lot of page views from Croatia, Canada , Hong Kong and a bunch from Japan! I don't know how or why, but I don't care, I love it! Hundreds of people (or a few are checking regularly) checking out my work. Obviously a far cry from going viral or any sort of fame or anything like that, still it makes me happy.
This one is purely just for fun.
 Anyway, I have been framing up some work and pricing things out, checking out other local venues , sending e-mails and I at least have a game plan to make things work for me :) I am quite eager to see how things will turn out this year. Hopefully a record in sales ;)

Jan 15, 2011

prints udpate

20 minutes after posting, great news , I can get prints up to 13x19 and will be very reasonable. still looking for larger formats so this is only the start. but if any.one wants any prints up to 13x19 contact me about which one and we can work something out. shipping on that size would be virtually nothing.  contact madeintaiwon@hotmail.com for details on prints.

Attention Printers and potential print seekers.

I am looking for someone who can make large format extremely high quality prints. I want to make my artwork available at a price that will get paintings on people's walls, behind their couch and in their kitchens, bedrooms etc..
The biggest challenge for me personally is breaking my own personal attachment to favorite pieces. Each and every painting reflects a very specific moment in my life and psyche, Therefore pricing isn't reflective of notoriety, but instead is a deeply personal reflection of the hardships and blessings that allowed me to conjure such depictions. If it is not worth it for me to let go for any conceivable price (within a range that someone could possibly pay,) I simply will not part with them.  I have many paintings of course that I can and will part with quite reasonably.
Prints will be available for at the cost of printing, anything additional on top of that would be a kind donation to the cause. Prints would made for the individual and no surplus will be printed  "just in case." I may make a few limited releases using traditional printing methods, but those would be created using the printmaking process itself and would be a separate body of work from my drawings or paintings just as my other projects like custom guitar art, or painting on found objects. As of yet no prints are "in the works" but are definitely an important addition to what I am currently working on.
     I make art simply because I have to, it is far far more to me than an urge or a hobby, it is the process that keeps me grounded in life, without it I would simply be a shell, it keeps me going no matter what life throws at me and I will be creating art regardless of whether anyone wants any of it. The fact that people do is simply wonderful and makes it a far more enriching experience for me. As of yet my art by no means supports me financially, but it is my plan to do so, and I will do anything it takes to make that work. I struggle daily to push my art as far as I can take it today and look forward to tomorrow when I unlock its secrets. This is a lifelong journey , and will not be bound by its successes and failures.
You can contact me @ madeintaiwon@hotmail.com

Jan 4, 2011

I will be looking for new venues to debut my work. Any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated. I am trying to fill my calendar with new events this year. Last year I managed to fill just about every month, and constantly hauled my work from one place to another. I hope to do even better in the coming months and book many happening new galleries.

Jan 1, 2011

Recent rephotography

All of my paintings have been rephotographed into much better high rez images and I will be posting them as soon as they become available. Some are already up.