Jan 29, 2011

Albrecht Dürer

I wish I had these skills.

So today I drove out to Williamstown and went to the Clark institute, which if you have never been I highly recommend you go, then afterwards go down the road to the sushi Thai restaurant right on the main drag. I got to see a whole bunch of Albrecht Dürer's woodcuts and etchings. I just have to say... that I was completely blown away by his work, the detail that is involved is unreal and the intensity is just insane. There is no way for me to put into words how minute the details are, but they had a bin of magnifying glasses you could walk around with and check out stuff in his work that is too small for the eye to see and suddenly it all no longer makes sense that anyone could ever do this..it appears as though every single mark is scratched into the wood block with the head of a pin, not to mention every single line is clear, concise and intentional. The Clark is incredible anyway but seriously Albrecht Dürer is completely out there and completely worth the hour-and-change drive to get there. Oh yeah the Thai restaurant can't be matched (I thank Sam for the recommendation) and very very reasonably priced; not kidding it's like eating-breakfast-at-a-diner reasonable. Oh yeah Mass MoCA is nearby as well. Check The Clark website to get directions and all that jazz and find out who's work will be up next and how long this exhibit will be up etc...

Anyway on a sidenote I will be hanging my work tomorrow at the Jonesville store, so after tomorrow my work will be on display again. Anyone who wants to see it can drop by during regular business hours for about the next two months. There is an artist's reception coming up in March and I encourage as many people to come out as possible, I could really use the buzz to get people interested. Details on that should be right over there in the side bar, that is including directions, date and time. If anyone wants to know anything else about it feel free to contact me, send me an email to MadeinTaiwon@hotmail.com, or message me on Facebook etc..

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