Jan 15, 2011

Attention Printers and potential print seekers.

I am looking for someone who can make large format extremely high quality prints. I want to make my artwork available at a price that will get paintings on people's walls, behind their couch and in their kitchens, bedrooms etc..
The biggest challenge for me personally is breaking my own personal attachment to favorite pieces. Each and every painting reflects a very specific moment in my life and psyche, Therefore pricing isn't reflective of notoriety, but instead is a deeply personal reflection of the hardships and blessings that allowed me to conjure such depictions. If it is not worth it for me to let go for any conceivable price (within a range that someone could possibly pay,) I simply will not part with them.  I have many paintings of course that I can and will part with quite reasonably.
Prints will be available for at the cost of printing, anything additional on top of that would be a kind donation to the cause. Prints would made for the individual and no surplus will be printed  "just in case." I may make a few limited releases using traditional printing methods, but those would be created using the printmaking process itself and would be a separate body of work from my drawings or paintings just as my other projects like custom guitar art, or painting on found objects. As of yet no prints are "in the works" but are definitely an important addition to what I am currently working on.
     I make art simply because I have to, it is far far more to me than an urge or a hobby, it is the process that keeps me grounded in life, without it I would simply be a shell, it keeps me going no matter what life throws at me and I will be creating art regardless of whether anyone wants any of it. The fact that people do is simply wonderful and makes it a far more enriching experience for me. As of yet my art by no means supports me financially, but it is my plan to do so, and I will do anything it takes to make that work. I struggle daily to push my art as far as I can take it today and look forward to tomorrow when I unlock its secrets. This is a lifelong journey , and will not be bound by its successes and failures.
You can contact me @ madeintaiwon@hotmail.com

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