Jan 23, 2011


Things have been going very well as I prepare for my upcoming show, I also plan of being out of the streets for first friday coming up relatively soon. I have new business cards made up which is fantastic but I haven't given any out yet. I think the coolest thing by far is that the people viewing my site aren't strictly people from this area, for example I have been getting a lot of page views from Croatia, Canada , Hong Kong and a bunch from Japan! I don't know how or why, but I don't care, I love it! Hundreds of people (or a few are checking regularly) checking out my work. Obviously a far cry from going viral or any sort of fame or anything like that, still it makes me happy.
This one is purely just for fun.
 Anyway, I have been framing up some work and pricing things out, checking out other local venues , sending e-mails and I at least have a game plan to make things work for me :) I am quite eager to see how things will turn out this year. Hopefully a record in sales ;)

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