Sep 19, 2011

old old self portrait, just still kinda of like it, aside from the fact that it looks like I am wearing a scarf or turtle neck

who knows. I love it though.

something I have been working on, soon I will paint the dancing goat.

Sep 15, 2011

Speaking of the greatful dead

My work is still up at front st. deli , I have mentioned it many times and still I run into people who check the site frequently that haven't heard a word about it. Front street deli in ballston spa, I have other posts about it, google them, facebook them, eat their food and on a side note, check out my work on their walls :)
just playing with oils and ink.

unfinished, I have plans for this one. 

this one looks nothing like this anymore, still thought I should post this  midway shot. 

Based on several serial dreams about mashed potatoes in a tub... I'm not kidding.

I simply love this one

my newest sketchbook (front)

sketchbook (back)

Sep 6, 2011

Work is up!

I have several paintings hung up at front street deli currently, visit them as soon as possible. You are all invited to check it out if you are near Balston Spa in the relative near future. The paintings are staying up until further notice (approx. ; the next few months) I will post immediately upon taking them down. These guys are open late, check the link for hours. Check their facebook for daily specials, and believe me the food is fantastic and inexpensive. Go!, eat!, bring someone special, bring someone just for company, who cares!  just check it out.